Of course, you may.

However, you should take extra care to make sure that the cups you have washed are not only clean, but also free of drips and dust at the end of the operation. 

This is particularly important because polypropylene cups have very different properties to glass cups.

We will send you an exact quote in writing by e-mail, indicating the number of items, deadlines and services requested.

As a first step in requesting a quote, you can use the Contact or Request Information menu items, or contact us directly at

You have the option to rent our standard patterned cups on a one-off basis, whether they are RevoCup or Cupler® cups.

We also offer a full washing and logistics service for your cup rental.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with more details and you can contact us either by filling in the contact form in the Contact menu here on the website or by sending an e-mail to In the subject field, please write "Rent-a-Cup".

If you're already a partner, you can place your order in your own interface, which is most easily accessed by clicking on the Log In button in the Hospitality menu of our website.

If we are not yet a partner, you can place your order using the form field under Contact or Request Information, or by emailing us at

Our RevoCups are made with IML technology. The preparation and production time is usually 4 weeks from the finalization of the graphic design.

Our Cupler® designs are produced using a circular screen-printing process, normally with three-color printing. The preparation and production time for Cupler® cups is usually 4-5 weeks from the finalization of the graphic design.

1.      After contacting us, we will prepare a visual design and a quotation according to the desired parameters and the graphics provided. (Graphic designs are accepted integrated into the design template on the site, but you can of course also request a design service) 

2.      If you accept our offer (price, deadline and service), we will prepare a final print design for your approval. It is important to check this because we cannot be held responsible for any errors in content, grammar or form once the print or visual design has been approved and accepted.

3.      Once the designs are approved, we will prepare an order and send you an advance production fee request as agreed in advance. This is usually 50%, but may vary depending on the order and agreement.

4.      The production of the order will start. 

5.      The finished cups will be delivered and a final invoice for production will be issued at the same time.

Both RevoCup and Cupler® cups and RevoBox boxes are made of BPA-free food-grade polypropylene. The properties of the material make them durable (they will not scratch, wear or become opalescent when washed at high temperatures).

The safe material ensures high durability and can be reused up to 500 times.

Our tools can be microwaveable up to 110°C and freezable down to -20°C.

Fill in the registration form, indicating which system you are interested in. We will contact you shortly with the contract details.

The cup graphics are usually created by the customer based on the graphic templates available on the site, which can also be downloaded here: 
  • Cupler® strap design template
  • RevoCup50 cup design template
  • RevoCup300 cup holder design template
  • RevoCup400 cup design template
  • RevoCup500 glass cleat design template
If you wish, you can request the cups with graphic design. For further details, please contact us via the Contact form.

For IML labelling used in RevoCup cups: 

  • Graphics must be in CMYK color space. (Full Color CMYK graphics are also accepted.)
  • If direct colors are included on the print, specify them in PANTONE color scale (they should be included in the order with this color code).
  • For IML foil cups, minimum order quantity: 1000 pieces.
We can accept graphic designs in the following file formats:

  • For vector graphics: .pdf, .ai, .eps extension 
     Please provide text in curves or attach the font to the graphic file. 
  • For image files: .jpeg, .tiff files with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI, 
     Images should preferably be sent without jpg compression.

For screen printing of Cupler® straps:

  • We can only accept graphic media in vector (.pdf, .ai, .eps) format.
  • Technical information:
     The strap graphic is produced using a circular screen process. Due to the production technology, the use of a run-out pattern and colour transitions are not possible. 
  • Minimum line thickness: 0,30 mm
  • Dimensions of the graphic: 160 mm x 39,5 mm
  • Minimum font size: 6 pt

IML (In Mould Labeling) technology is one of the most advanced forms of labelling available today. A step in the manufacturing process. A robot picks up the label and places it in the mould cavity, where it sticks thanks to static cavity filling. When the mould closes, the label fuses with the finished product.

It helps to produce the patterns on the cups at the same time as the production process and, as the label is placed "inside" the cups, the pattern produced is very durable, does not wear off or fade. The technology can even be used to produce photo-quality prints. 

A big advantage over screen printing is that the film and the cups are made of the same material, so that when the film is worn out, the material can be recycled without contamination. 

All RevoCup cups are labelled with IML technology.

Our cups can withstand hundreds of machine and hand washes. 

Thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and the special technology, the designs of both types of cups are fade and abrasion resistant and do not become opalescent. 

They are virtually unbreakable under normal use.

We generate the QR code, which can point to a link of your choice, whether it's your website, your social media pages, your menu or even a specific event.

In our administration platform, you can change the link at any time with your user rights and it will be updated immediately.

When you join our open, interoperable system as an operator, your guests can exchange the tokens they receive for their cups for a clean RevoCup or Cupler not only at your venue, but also at any of the concert venues, festivals, nightclubs, cafes or even spas in the network.

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