Frequently Asked Questions

You can exchange your tokens for RevoCup or Cupler cups at events and hospitality venues partnering with Cup Revolution. Click here to find out exactly who our partner companies are.

Of course. At the end of the night, you can decide not to exchange your RevoCup for a token, but to take it home. But next time, take it with you, exchange it for a clean one, keep it in circulation!

If you don't already have a RevoCup or Cupler reusable cup or token, the bartender will charge you a one-time cup charge for the drink you purchase, which we recommend is 500 HUF.
Each catering establishment determines the amount of the cup charge it applies.
The empty RevoCup will be exchanged at the bar for a clean one (if you buy another drink) or for a token that you can later exchange for a RevoCup / Cupler at all Cup Revolution partners.
So the one-time cup charge really is one-time - just don't leave the token at home!

With the Rent-a-Cup feature in our RevoToken mobile app, you can use Cup Revolution's full open system free of charge. If you return your rented cup to any of our partners within 72 hours of purchase, you can use the cup completely free of charge. Read more about the Rent-a-Cup feature here. 

Download the RevoToken app to your phone and sign up. Drop off your physical tokens at the counter, where you can digitize them by scanning the QR code or using your NFC phone with the devices on display. From then on, you'll always have them with you and can use them at our partners.

The recommended cup charge of Cup Revolution Ltd. is 500 HUF, but catering establishments may vary.
If you already have a token, all our partners will exchange it for a RevoCup / Cupler cup free of charge - regardless of the cup charge applied at the location.

RevoToken is our tailor-made mobile app that offers you a solution to digitize your existing physical Cup Revolution tokens so you never leave them at home and never lose them again! Find the app in the Appstore and Play store. You can also find the link here on our site.

Damaged or defective reusable cups held in our system and returned to us are crushed in the same Hungarian plant where we manufacture our cups. The resulting granulate is used to make floor tiles and flower boxes, and is kept in circulation.

Cup Revolution is a reusable, washable cup system, a great alternative to disposable, throwaway plastic cups. The service can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated at events and venues, thereby reducing the environmental impact of waste transport and storage. Moreover, the cups are made of recyclable material in Hungary, so our CO2 emissions from transport are lower than those of our competitors who import disposable cups from abroad.